Hi. Thanks for visiting MetaPhysiques.eu.

MetaPhysiques is a holistic physique transformation company meaning that our sole purpose is to help people find effective and practical ways to transform their bodies in as healthy and effective manner as is possible. I learned early on in my career that quick fixes and dietary short cuts always leave people worse off than when they started, especially among populations who are prone to putting on body fat easily.

The accessibility and popularity of crash diets and gimmicky weight loss solutions has dangled the carrot of transformation success in front of millions since the late 70’s only to leave a large majority of them unsuccessful, disappointed and frustrated.

However, thanks to modern science and the experience and tuition of several mentors whose experience in the industry spans over 60 years, we have the means and the knowledge to help you change your body without torturous diets or excessive and relentless workouts. All of our diets and training plans are suited to the clients tastes, needs and lifestyle considerations. As a rule we dont do generic programs or “cookie cutter” plans. Every one we work with is screened thoroughly so that we can develop as tailored and detailed plan as is necessary while taking all relevant physical conditions and medical concerns into account.

In short, our personal approach ensures that you are fully armed to tackle each meal and workout and have on-going support to keep you focused and consistent when times get tough!

MetaPhysiques believe:

Results should be sustainable

Diets should be practical, enjoyable and flexible

Training should be specific and adequate to promote the desired result in as short a time period as is possible

  • MetaHuman Group Training Program

    A structured and progressive group training program focused solely on getting you healthy and into great shape! This unique fitness class not only offers 3-4 thorough workouts a week, members also get ongoing nutritional guidance and access to the exclusive MetaPhysiques Team Hub where everyone in the MP family shares stories, meals and recipes. Not only is this a great motivating tool, it also doubles as a forum of education where you can ask me anything gym and/or nutrition related to get answers to questions that would otherwise go left unanswered.

  • Personal Training

    Group training environments aren’t for everyone. Some of us require a more personal focus to get us from where we are to where we want to be, physically speaking of course. The MetaPhysiques PT program offers just that plus a tailored nutrition program and access to the MetaPhysiques Team Hub as standard.

  • Personalised Programs

    If all you’re looking for is a personalised program to follow then I can help with that too. I offer tailored training, nutrition and combo (training and nutrition) plans for everyone; from the gym novice right up to the amateur physique competitor.

My job as your coach is to give you the correct information as regards how best you can make a physical change and arm you with practical training and nutrition solutions to carry you towards a successful physical transformation in a safe and efficient manner. Teaching you about your own personal nutrition and offering on-going support when times get tough is another element of MetaPhysiques that I don’t think you’ll find with many other PT’s and gyms. Your ultimate success is my business, literally, so naturally I take that success very seriously. My question to you is, do you?

We also have a strict no BS policy here meaning that, no matter what, honesty is paramount. As a coach I pride myself on the honest and non-judgemental lines of communication that exist between me and my clients. I am not a judge, nor am I an authoritarian of any description. When you come to me for help I assume that you already have the desire and will to make a real change and I expect that your adherence to your training and nutrition plan will be consistently as unwavering as is possible. My job is not to scold you or chastise you when things go wrong or every time you make a mistake. As a fellow adult I assume that you are aware of any obvious mistakes- like drinking, skipping training, not taking time to shop and prepare food – that you may make and I also assume that you know that such mistakes cannot be repeated on a regular basis. The not so obvious mistakes and pit falls that inevitably happen will be discussed and tackled in a constructive manner with an emphasis on ensuring your understanding of the event and future understanding of how to identify the triggers and behaviours that led to the mishap occurring in the first place.